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Anti-covid Products

We have a wide range of anti-covid products and personal hygiene kits available, ideal for keeping you safe.

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Disposable & General Medical Products

Over 5 years of supplying  hospitals worldwide. We offer a wide range of good quality medical disposables for general surgery, anaesthesia, urology, gastroenterology, paediatric, gynaecology, transfusion/blood management, surgical wear and more.

Rehabilitation Equipment and Device

Distributor of rehabilitation equipment and supplies including  wheelchairs, crutches, canes, rollators, walkers and gait trainers. Made from aluminum, steel, plastic wood, nylon and carbon steel. Suitable for bariatric, pediatric, adults and children

Medical Equipment & Hospital Furniture

We supply a whole range of medical furniture to fit a hospital or clinic out. Medical Beds, Medical Lighting, Medical Bins, Medical Cabinets, medical Trolleys and Medical Fridges.

Laboratory Products

We offer a wide selection of laboratory equipment and supplies to support more than 100 areas of interest, that are essential for the success of any laboratory

Diagnostic Products

The full line of medical test equipment,  including stethoscopes and sphygmomanometer. Auscultation, used together with monitoring blood pressure is a fundamental diagnostic measure in medical practice. Other products in this category are Pulse Oximeters, Reflex Hammers/Tuning Forks, Otoscopes, Opthalmoscopes, Thermometers, X-Ray Viewers, Diagnostic Sets and more. 

Wound Dressing

Wide range of  adhesive wound dressing, silicone dressing, I.V. cannula dressing, PU film, absorbable hemostatic gauze, wound closure device, ostomy care, disinfection series, a variety of other OEM, ODM wound care products, etc.

Why Amura 7 Medical

With Amura 7 Medical you’ll find affordable quality solutions for all of your healthcare needs. With a full range of medical equipment and supplies, we will provide you with both superior products and a knowledgeable staff. 

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